…Lasting Educational Support for Children and Economic Empowerment for Young and at Risk Single Mothers


Write for World is a Not - for -Profit Organisation registered in Ghana in 2019. As a youth focused organisation we are committed to finding sustainable solution to challenges that confront disadvantaged and marginalized children and youth in the rural and urban poor communities of Ghana. Our commitment to ensuring that illiteracy in all its forms is eradicated in our rural communities and dignity restored to all persons who long for it, regardless where one finds oneself is the inspiration that drives our activities. We redefine community service by engaging the marginalized and nurturing their dreams; We touch the lives of the disadvantaged in low income and poor communities by trumpeting their plights through positive and purpose driven writings to the world for support for them.


To make the world of the youth better through lasting educational support for children and sustainable economic empowerment for young and at risk single mothers


We combine the synergy of members with expertise in Education, Research and Entrepreneurship to change lives

WHAT WE DO (Objectives)

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Jonas Kojo Mabe

Dip., Education, B.A (Communication Studies), UCC, Ghana

Co-Founder and Chairman

Jonas K. Mabe is a trained teacher with over twelve years of working experience in the Ghana Education Service. Aside teaching at the basic and second cycle institutions, he had played various roles and held several positions such as the School Health Education Programme Coordinator (SHEP Coord.), Staff Secretary, Parent Teacher Association Secretary and Class Advisor among others in the service.

The founder is also an avid writer with training in Critical Reviewing and Writing, Editorial Writing, Specialised Reporting and Community Relations. As a writer, he has done ghost writing for prominent persons and other individuals in the country and focuses his works on societal impropriety and the plights of the marginalized.  

Inspired by the impact voluntary community service could have on the collective gains of citizens, he believes one must not be self sufficient before aiding the helpless to climb the social and economic ladder. Through “Write for World”, he has led impactful community projects in the Volta and Oti Regions of Ghana with a committed team of volunteers.

Together with our team leads, it is our expectation that more capable persons and organizations will be touched by our activities and join us tackle the myriad of rural community challenges that threaten our existence and development, through the application of innovative strategies. Jonas K. Mabe currently teaches English Language at Evangelical Presbyterian Church Mawuko Girls Senior High School in Ho, Ghana’s Volta Regional Capital.

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Grant Eugene

Bsc (Business Administration; Accounting),KNUST, Ghana, MBA (Finance Option) UEW, Ghana

Head of Accounts and Audit

write for world secretary

Godsgold Borklo-Hadjah

B.A (Linguistics and Psychology),University of Ghana, PDGE., UEW, Ghana

Executive Secretary


Ms. Ellen Amevor

Retired Educationist

Resource Person